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Our company – Golden Customer Service
June 1, 2016

Our company

About us

Golden Customer Service offers  a multilingual, high quality customer service for every individual consumer.
Our focus lies on endeavoring to have the perfect balance between customer satisfaction and client needs. With many years of expertise in the customer service industry, we understand the importance of good customer service by having an extensive knowledge and experience in the field of customer care. Our success is driven by focusing not only on your customers, but also concentrating on the development of every member in our customer service team. Each of our representative is a well-respected professional thanks to our excellent internal training programs and a solid recruitment process. All of our employees are native speakers and receive comprehensive training to understand your business, in order to help your customers with questions, regarding your products and business processes. They are familiar with the necessary vocabulary, an approach to increase the appeal, professionalism of our service and make the customers feel more comfortable during each call. Furthermore, the well-being for all of our representatives is given high priority, since we strive to maintain our work environment as open and friendly as possible. We strongly believe that by motivating our team, it will benefit the company as the employees will be encouraged to perform better when appreciated. What is more, every representative will reflect this commitment towards our customers. What matters, is not always what is done, but rather how it is done.

Founding principles


We provide customers worldwide with high-end service by offering  multilingual customer support via various communication media. Our goal is to provide good quality customer service, which leads to returning customers and increased brand loyalty.






We always pride ourselves on our ability to meet and exceed our customers’ diverse expectations by providing the full spectrum of services, understanding of market’s trends,which enables us  to help with growth of  our customers’ business.





We have five core values that reflect in the whole company.

Diversity                  Provide a great work environment and respect each other as individuals, regardless of our backgrounds.

Transparency        Our business is built upon honesty and open communication allowing all members of the team to maintain a strong level of commitment to                                                      our goals  while remaining loyal to our own team and our clients.

  Teamwork              We are a dedicated team that thrive in a collaborative environment.

  Adaptability          We strive to have a full understanding of  our clients’ needs and to adjust our services accordingly.

Responsibility       We are committed to deliver on our promises and honor our agreements.