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Kat’s News from GCS – Golden Customer Service

Kat’s News from GCS

In the following we have our very own Kat doing an update on what’s been going in the office recently and the new changes we have been going through as well as the unfortunate departure of our dear mascot. Exciting times at our little slice of heaven !


The summer faded away slowly but certainly and leaves start to fall from the trees just like the housing prices in London. Autumn is upon us. At Golden Customer Service (further referred to as by its mysterious abbreviation GCS.), however, it was a buzzing period of changes and innovations.

We are happy to see that our team got much bigger as a couple of new colleagues arrived. One more time warm “Welcome!” to all of them. Also, for a short but meaningful while one could also enjoy a company of the office’s mascot by default – Zdzislav Niels Frances II. Unfortunately of the Pigeons. Sadly, due to his premature departure the position remains vacant. Sending CV and motivation letters is unnecessary as we assumed the  first-past-the-post form of job application in this case.

Now, after an intense session of knowledge and practice trainings we are all ready to embrace the upcoming season and are about to open it soon with a brand new slogan as well as an integrating company event in the mid of October. Armed with loyal coffee mugs and some positive attitude we hope to deliver even better service to our customers.  Huzzah!

 – KAT

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