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Interview with our Hungarian agent Nikolleta Hittmann – Golden Customer Service

Interview with our Hungarian agent Nikolleta Hittmann

Hello Everyone,

We are happy to post an interview with our Hungarian agent Nikolleta Hittmann.

1.Could you introduce yourself?

My name is Nikoletta Hittmann. I’m from hungary, Budapest. I moved to the Netherlands in 2015. Before I started living here, I was working in a tourism sector as the account manager.

2.Why did you choose Golden Customer Service?
In general, it was quite difficult to find a job in Groningen without any knowledge of the Dutch language. That is why, I was searching for an occupation where I could speak English on a daily basis instead. Then, one day I stumbled across the job offer posted on Facebook by GCS concerning Customer Service Representative for the Hungarian language-line. This is how I found myself working here.

3. What was your first imperssion about the company?

In th every first place, I was quite impressed by how multicultural the office’s environment is in here. I was quite amazed by the fact that GCS offers Customer Service assistance in about 14 languages. Also the environment is motivating and vibrant.

4. What is your task as the Customer Service representative?

My day looks approximately like this: I assist customers over the phone whith whatever problem they face. At times it requiers an e-mail communication and spreads over a long period of time. Apart from that, I also prepare documentation translations to and from Hungarian.

5. Whom would you recommend this job to?

It is a perfect job opportunity for someone who is skillful in language and communication and does not fear to confront all sorts of characters over the phone.


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