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Happy Holidays ! – Golden Customer Service

Happy Holidays !



The management team and staff of Golden Customer Service would like to wish all of our clients, customers and callers a very Happy Holiday period. A Merry Christamas to everyone and a very Happy New Year ! May everyone enjoy the year 2018 to the fullest and achieve their highest potential and all of their goals.

We had a very fun time ourselves, the members of GCS organized a lovely Christmas dinner with a LOT of food and drinks to go around. We had a great time enjoying some nice Christmas specific dishes, cookies, salads, cakes and such and we received lovely gifts from our dear leader Sven ! We hope everyone had as much fun as we did this Christmas time !

Golden Customer Service pledges to keep to its tradition of excellence and quality and will continute to provide our clients with the best service and customer care !

Merry Holiday season to everyone !

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