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Services – Golden Customer Service
June 1, 2016


Multilingual Customer Support

Multilingual support is about more than just multi-channel customer contact – it is about meeting the needs of our clients and your customers by engineering the perfect solutions.

With our multilingual customer support, not only you enable yourself to communicate with your customers in an exceptional way, but also fulfill their needs in the most efficient way. This way you will stay connected with your current and potential customers. We believe that having a good customer service is the key for lifelong relationship with your clients, which in the end means your growth and more profitability for you.

We provide customers with the support that will solve their routing issues, manage their content and track their transactions. We as Golden Customer Service offer our clients a professional and a knowledgeable team, full of passion and enthusiasm that is willing to take the ownership of your Customer Service. Together, we are able to build a remarkable customer experience for you and your clients.

Our multilingual  customer support employees work together at a native language level. As a result of our professional approach, we proudly serve our clients and their customers from different branches all over the world. From start-ups to multinational businesses.

By having many years of experience in this field, we are eager to work together with our clients on finding the right solution for their customers.

Inbound / Outbound

Customer satisfaction is what fuels our passion. Having a satisfied customer is the engine that keeps us moving. A happy and a satisfied customer is the foundation of any company that wishes to grow and move forward. One of the ways to achieve this is to provide clients with solutions, that not only fix or solve their problems but also build a long lasting relationship . We can assure you that each contact would become a unique experience for every customer, because we are great listeners that will offer the the best solution possible and will never give up on finding an answer.

We are not only offering a high quality customer support for our clients, but we also provide several channels of assistance. We propose inbound and outbound services by phone, via e-mail, through live chat and social media. We trust in the idea of accessibility by any and all means as the key to achieve the best available support.

Golden Customer Service works closely with their clients to find the most effective and suitable solutions. We ensure that your customers’ will receive the correct information, advice, support and service that meets their standards.

Our team works in  an environment that is fun and compassionate towards their needs, where customers’ problems are heard, understood and by the end of the conversation they feel satisfied and with the belief that they were helped. This way we build up a long-lasting relationship based on trust and loyalty.

Full performance reports  of customer support

Customer Service reports are the most important part of any customer support team. Those data are an impression of the overall performance of the team (and certain departments).

Golden Customer Service provides you with such reports, in order to keep the track of the assistance and care process.

Our clients are welcome to monitor the statistics of our performance, which will allow them to have an overview of customer flows, duration of phone calls and other details. In this way, you will receive a detailed report about the operating market, which can be a valuable asset to target your market (audience) and improve your business.

Dedicated Management Team

Our management team holds managers and team leaders, who are fully dedicated to your project(s). The managers collaborate directly with our clients and take care of every need they have. The management outsourcing is a popular service among businesses, which prefer to maintain balance between costs and quality.

We ensure you that the project is led and coordinated  by the best people on  board with a strong background . Not only we train and equip our passionate and dedicated employees with the right tools but also offer them the maximum of assistance. As our client, you get the best outcome by on-going development of our team. Golden Customer Service representatives are excellent team players, and we are proud to have a motivated team in an inspiring work environment.

Dedicated Trainer

We have experienced specialists from various markets, who train our customer service team by equipping the staff with proper tools, which consequently leads to their best performance. You will never have to worry about the knowledge level or the phone etiquette. Our trainers are constantly improving our customer support team to assure an exceptional experience for every single customer. In addition, our employees are trained regularly to make sure that they are up-to-date. Our team of trainers stay in close contact with the client for regular updates on project progress to ensure smooth development, information flow, identify problems effectively and solving them as soon as they arise.


Lead Generation/Appointment Services

Appointment services offer our clients an effective channel for high quality lead generation tactics being widely used today. Regarding, our understanding of the call center industry, market trends and the convenience, we will grant our clients the competitive edge they are looking for. With many years of experience in generating leads,  we can boast with  numerous satisfied clients with breathtaking sales. However for us, this is just the beginning.


Events organization and support

Behind every event, there is a whole organization that makes it possible. Golden Customer Service provides you with a complete assistance for your event to be successful. Our customer support team has already organised multiple events in numerous branches, which makes us not only familiar with event customs, etiquette but also capable of delivering a wide range of services that varies from setting up tents/podiums up to marketing and organizing the event, doing the sales and live translations. Our IT specialists always work closely together with our clients to design the promotional merchandises, they wish and facilitate the need of our clients.


Golden Customer Services provides professional translation services to enable our clients, business associates and customers accurate communication with each other. We can offer you native language level translations, so you can trust in the accuracy and efficiency of your product’s translation. Since every error will negatively reflect upon your brand and company, it’s important that you know for sure that your documents or software are error-free.


We translate to and from over 31 languages, which include the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Dutch
  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Swedish
  • Danish
  • Norwegian
  • Finnish
  • Polish
  • Hungarian
  • Romanian
  • Greek
  • Slovakian
  • Czech
  • Bulgarian
  • Russian
  • Chinese Mandarin
  • Croatian
  • Estonian
  • Latvian
  • Lithuanian
  • Hebrew
  • Indonesian
  • Arabic
  • Malaysian
  • Japanese
  • Turkish

Our team of professionals is capable of translating a variety of documents, including business proposals, business plans or information for your customers. We are able to handle any type of document, as we understand, you as our client needs a translation service that enables you to communicate effectively with your customers.