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Golden Customer Service offers a multilingual high quality customer services that will have a significant impact on your business. Our goal concentrates not only on expanding your customer database, but also we endeavour to have the perfect balance between the customer satisfaction and your needs. With many years of expertise in the customer service industry, we understand the importance of good customer service by having an extensive knowledge and experience in the field of customer care. Our success is driven by focusing not only on your customers, but also concentrating on the development of every member in our customer service team. Each of our representative is a well-respected professional thanks to our excellent internal training programs and a solid recruitment process. All of our employees are native speakers and receive comprehensive training to understand your business, in order to help your customers with questions, regarding your products and business processes. They are familiar with the necessary vocabulary, an approach to increase the appeal, professionalism of our service and make the customers feel more comfortable during each call. Furthermore, the well-being for all of our representatives is given high priority, since we strive to maintain our work environment as open and friendly as possible. We strongly believe that by motivating our team, it will benefit the company as the employees will be encouraged to perform better when appreciated. What is more, every representative will reflect this commitment towards our customers. What matters, is not always what is done, but rather how it is done.

  • We support more than 30 languages

  • Our people are all over the world

  • We can support you all day every day

  • We will get it for you

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Manager Daily Operations
As a customer service agents, we try our best to define the problem and solve it. Caring for our customers is a core element of our company. A happy client promotes our satisfaction.

Sander van Damme

Since the 1st of October 2017 i’ve been working at Golden Customer Service as the Chief Operating Officer and also responsible for sales activities. So far it has been a wonderful experience and I am looking forward on working together to offer the best service possible.


Team Leader
It’s been 3 years since I worked for GCS and it has proved to be a good experience for me. As an organization, it has helped me achieve my goals and has also provided great opportunities to develop my leadership skills.

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